Field Day, Special Olympics Florida 2014

So many activities and organizations designed for special needs children sound out of reach for Riley’s abilities.  That has always included Special Olympics.  Over the past several years however, Special Olympics Florida has been slowly improving their school Field Day to included stations to engage the Functional Skills Students.  I am delighted that they are recognizing and employing ways to engage the more involved children.
On March 13th, Riley’s class invited the parents to join them at Lakes Park in South Fort Myers.  It was a gorgeous day and perfect for the kids to enjoy the sights, sounds and a picnic.  Riley arrived in the company of his regular bus driver and assistant, I am so grateful for their gentle care for Riley.  Throughout the morning I had several opportunities to catch up with people involved in Riley’s care over the years: Arnicia previously attended Riley’s bus, Jennifer watched over Riley from the nursing office, ESE staff… We all felt like part of a larger community that day.
Riley may have slept through the morning, but the rest of us enjoyed it.  Fortunately he did wake to join our picnic on the grounds and to explore the train.  Below I share my vantage point.  Glad you came along!

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  1. Sherry says:

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  2. Rosana says:

    I loved the pictures. I really miss being part of the functional skills team. I miss the kids, even though I stop in the classroom once in a while and see them everyday at the bus ramp and around the school, it is not the same.

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