Field Day 2015

A great disappointment came early this year when we learned that the Special Olympic’s of Lee County had decided against holding the annual Field Day for ESE students.  The rumor is that they could not afford to be bussing all the students around for the event.  No one seems to know for certain, as finding a contact to communicate in any form has proven very difficult as far as I am concerned.  Locating a name and phone number, I attempted to reach out to understand the situation but never received a response.

Heather, Riley’s Adaptive PE Instructor at Rayma C. Page, decided that this event was too important for her students to lapse.  She put together her own Field Day for all of her students and created the most thoughtful and ability appropriate athletic event Riley has participated in to date.  It was all about being active, engaging and having fun.  I have no idea how she achieved the funding or managed to create so many great events.  Heather is an impressive lady and I look forward to her next endeavor.

Here are some shots from the April 17, 2015 Field Day at Lakes Park, South Fort Myers, Florida.







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  1. Lux Ganzon says:

    God bless Heather and people like her. Enjoy your day, dear. 🙂

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