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Riley returns home everyday with actual school work and works of art.  Each masterpiece is a joy to discover in his backpack.  Each day I marvel at the differences between my children and adore their achievements with the equal sincerity.  Ronan, at age 7, has just completed reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; we take turns reading aloud to each other.  Several times while taking my turn, Ronan would begin laughing or commenting before an event would unfold in the story revealing that he had already read ahead.  We are now working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  As his mom, I am thrilled at his ability.  When Riley returns home with his hand over hand letter the feeling is just as amazing that he can participate and enjoy his life.Mr. David is determined to make every moment of ESY count for his students.  He’s quite impressive.  Oh this reminds me… check out John’s account of the first day of summer school this time last year.

Today we are all preparing for big weekends.  Ronan and John will both be experiencing their first camping trip with the scouts at Koreshan.   The jeep is at the shop now getting two new tires (can’t swing four now) for a drive to Orlando.  My mother will accompany Riley and I to The 14th Annual Family Cafe.   It’s a long trip to manage Riley and his needs; I’ve got a huge list of worries.  For the moment, I better just get packing.

We’ve never been to The Family Cafe before.  I would not be doing it now but for the generosity of FDLRS/Island Coast.  Several months ago I threw my name in for the hotel room lottery.  We got it.  How great is this.  I never win anything – guess now I do.  This is a wonderful opportunity.  I do hope that there will be families in similar circumstances that I can relate to.  Anyone follow along here that I can connect with this weekend at the conference?  I’d love to meet some new folks as would Riley.

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  1. pam says:

    you need to frame some of this art in little black frames and intermingle it with your other boys work…I love the color

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