Elf Exposed

“Mom, Did you and Dad buy the Elf?!”

There was no dodging this question.  But, I wanted to desperately.  The Elf on the Shelf, Winter Storm, brought magic into our home.  It was a magic our first child, Riley, could never experience.  Dad is amazing at magic.  5:30 each morning Ronan went to Dad to help discover the Elf’s latest antics.  But one conversation with a friend whose family opted not to adopt an elf informed Ronan that we as his parents were lying to him about the Elf’s origins.

A direct question deserved a direct answer.  I gave it to him.

What I did not realize was how hurt John would be that this stage of life had come to a direct end.  The magic of Christmas was lost before the day even arrived.  We had one child who could never enjoy these childhood moments.  John had been determined to give his brother the very best experiences he could muster.

In a moment it was gone.   1538828_10202907048461196_1538364125_n

But not all magic can be taken away.  They found other ways to connect over the holiday: ever more challenging scenario’s for Winter Storm to play in, rollerblading with dog in tow, baking keflie (cookies) together, planning the holiday festivities…

The father/son bonding will never end… but if you can, allow magic to continue.  Life can be a challenge.  Let others keep their joy.

We did find magic for Riley as well.  The boys and our friends, Lisa and Livia, attended the annual Gingerbread Decorating Event at my mother’s club. This Santa was new to us.  Most Santa’s barely give Riley a passing thought, the typical kids are so easy to entertain… While Ronan and Livia focused on their gingerbread houses, Santa returned to Riley repeatedly throughout the afternoon.  He was determined to connect, but Riley had been detached all day.  Finally, Santa was rewarded with a great big growl in the face.

What a great Santa!  This man understands Christmas!

Happy New Year 2014 Everyone!  Thank you for stopping by! Stacie

2 Responses to Elf Exposed

  1. Jessica says:

    Love that Riley was able to make Santa feel special with one of his smiles. Boy do I miss those!!

  2. Merry Christmas my friend … I’m so happy to read that Santa was truly about the meaning of Christmas of bringing joy to others. Love the photos and Riley and Ronan look happy. May the year ahead bring you and your family abundance in all areas of life. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

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