Crazy Woman and the Handicap Parking Abusers

Yesterday, Crazy Woman showed up again.

I started out calm with the realization that our outing would be a little challenging.  Yesterday was Ronan’s required family mass and First Communion class over at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.  Taking Riley to mass has now become a rare event due to the difficulties I encounter.  I am also not so sure that there is really any valid reason I should make Riley sit through this uncomfortable hour unless the music is going to be superb.  He does enjoy his music.

Naturally, we ran tight on time and there were no available handicap parking spaces available near the church.  Several were taken by people without permits.  It did not really matter anyway, we needed one with a ramp space and none were in the nearby vicinity.  I parked far out and brought the boys into the back of the church and had plenty of room in a handicap seating row.  The usher was very sweet and attentive.  Once the children were called for a story, he swept Ronan away before Ronan could even ascent to going.  Riley sang along with all the songs and no one seemed to object.

After mass, I deposited Ronan in his classroom in the Education Building.

Returning to collect him afterward, I found a convenient van space with handicap parking.  As I brought Riley down the ramp a huge white truck pulled swiftly into the reserved space on the other side.  I recognized this family as another in First Communion training.  It was the same family I had neglected to address Wednesday evening.

“Excuse me sir, do you have a handicap parking permit?”


I objected and asked him to please not use the reserved space and to respect the reason it is there.  He exited the vehicle, shut his car door and turned his back on me as his wife left.  They were clearly deserving of this spot.

So, Crazy Woman got really upset and announced in the entry way that it was a good thing that the woman had her children enrolled in religion class.  Then I complained again to the Religious Coordinator who now will not even look me in the face.

My heart beat so hard in my chest.  What am I doing causing a scene again where my child needs to find a safe environment?  But, how can I simply allow this disrespect to continue every time I encounter it?  Perhaps I should let these incidences go without addressing them?  Life would be easier.  No one would dislike me or my children for my over the top behavior.  But, then how could I respect myself or honor my family and not address this breach?

John’s response to my misadventure upon his return home that evening, “Good thing you went to church and found peace!”  He’s right.  I was not very loving myself.  However, does being a part of society and a religious community mean that I should simply look the other way for all who put themselves over the rest of us?

Curiously, John did find Jesus in the ocean.  I’ll share the photo as soon as all the fossils are cleaned up later this week.

I may have shown my true colors.  I was not alone.  Are my true colors so very off?

The British Paraorchestra

8 Responses to Crazy Woman and the Handicap Parking Abusers

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  2. sydney says:

    Pre-program the LOCAL number, not 911 into your phone for the town police. Explain-“I’m a mom with a severely handicapped child in a really heavy wheelchair, and all these losers have taken these handicap spots, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME by sending an officer to ticket them, PLEASE as my requests have fallen on deaf ears MULTIPLE times”

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  4. rita a. buck says:

    Stacie, you are a wonderful person. I too, suffer from the overreaction syndrome. That’s when the ‘Our Father’ comes in handy……Trust me, I say it ALOT!

  5. Kimberly says:

    Being a Christian does NOT mean that you are to be a doormat. And, being a Christian, should mean that others are understanding, sympathetic, and helpful to each other, especially when someone is dealing with handicap issues. The fact that the folks at the church are not willing to do something about it really makes me wonder.

    I agree with Robin that you need to take action against these repeat offenders. But, in doing so, please also focus on the love of Christ and forgive them. Do not hold it against them. They may hate you, but you do not have to hold hatred against them in your heart and poison your soul. God Himself is slow to anger, quick to forgive, and not afraid to punish people when they just don’t get the picture. Good luck and may God bless you and your family.

    • Bonita Mom says:

      Kimberly, I do need to reign in my reaction and that’s been proven a few times now. Since I will keep seeing these same people, I appreciate the reminder to forgive them. I will try – I really will:-)
      What I have found over time is that none of the schools or churches are willing to act on this problem. I suppose addressing it upsets people. They prefer to pretend it does not happen or is unimportant. The church did agree yesterday to put a reminder in the next letter to the parents that they should not use the spaces illegally. They plan on going even farther and discourage the firelane parking. Imagine that… I hadn’t even mentioned that one.
      This is progress.

  6. Bonita Mom says:

    Thank you Robin – guess I’m scared to have them really mad at me:-( But you’re right – it takes consequences to make changes.

  7. Robin says:

    Next time just call the police and have them ticketed. Some people will not change their behaviors until it costs them money. You and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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