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Gathering Riley up from school Monday for OT earlier this week, the woman at the front desk handed me a page from newspaper.  She had spotted Riley in The News-Press of Fort Myers, April 18th, 2016 Causes: Toast of the Coast page 3D.

I just love the little gestures!  So many of us let the moment pass to recognize what is important to others.  We do not even know each other by name, yet she saved this article for me. My father came to mind immediately, he always sent on news clippings of those he new along with a scratched out note of accolades. If she had not said anything, I would never even have known Riley had been featured that morning. It is a reminder to myself as well, do not let the opportunity to appreciate others pass by.

Even more surprising, I looked down the page to discover the very next article featuring the Naples Equestrian Challenge volunteer of the year Mike. The very guy to walk with Riley later that day!  So what did I do, I showed Mike the photo and kept it for myself! So much for sharing!  This news page is all mine.

News-Press 4-18-16

Back in March, the Fort Myers Junior League hosted the families of Hope Kids Care’s annual Family Fun Day.  This day is tailored to our special needs children. Our friend Ken brought Tally of Whispering Pines Clydesdales to meet everyone and offer carriage rides.  It was magical to watch the children interact with Tally and all the people who came out just to make sure they had a great day.

bday celebration






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  1. Lux G. says:

    Aw, nice! So proud of Riley and glad that there are great people around him.

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