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Breathing Just Fine

She started out the day all confidence with a great big smile that drew Riley and I toward the school bus. As she struggled to lower the wheelchair lift, Riley’s bus attendant introduced herself to Riley ignoring the fact that he was not yet noticing her. I knew he would eventually warm to her as he figured out that he would be going to ESY (Extended School Year). The bus driver appeared in the open doorway to greet Riley and secure him safely on bus 27125.

Field Day, Special Olympics Florida 2014

So many activities and organizations designed for special needs children sound out of reach for Riley’s abilities.  That has always included Special Olympics.  Over the past several years however,

2014 Lee County Teacher of the Year

…is Riley’s Rayma C. Page Elementary Music Teacher.

I am certain that Riley agrees with this award.

Congratulations Jason Thomashefsky!

Lee Schools FL ESE Training Classes

Lee County Public Schools, ESE

2014 Parent Training Opportunities

Lee Schools has a full calendar of training opportunities with presenters worthy of our time and attention. 

survey on parents in need of support

To whom it may concern,

I am currently investigating the impact that various children’s diagnosed conditions have on parents.

Pumpkin Days



Functional Skills Class

Field Trip to Lakes Park for the Annual Fall Festival 2013.

ESE Communication

Readers of Riley’s Smile know that Riley is very fortunate to attend the Functional Skills Class of Rayma C. Page Elementary.  Communication with the classroom and teacher is exemplary.  Riley’s teacher, Miss Erin, uses the forms daily; we always know exactly how Riley’s day went.  The current forms were designed beautifully by Miss Jessica, the class lead teacher for the past school year.  Miss Jessica deserves credit so I hope she does not object to the use of her full name.  To be fair… the class did have forms in place, but Jessica made them truly complete.  These forms could easily be adopted by all ESE classes of nonverbal students.  If you are having difficulty communicating with your child’s teacher, I encourage you to suggest these forms.

Lend Your Voice To Naples Equestrian Challenge Riders

Naples Equestrian Challenge (NEC) has an extraordinary opportunity to expand its equine-assisted activities and therapy programs, but we need your help and support!

Whispering Pines Clydesdales

Another special needs mom I know through Lee Schools: Parents As Mentors encouraged me to invite an amazing gentleman and his organization to visit Riley’s Functional Skills classroom.   I am grateful that she did.   Ken Craft kindly brought Tally of Whispering Pines Clydesdales to visit the five ESE classes of Rayma C. Page Elementary.  It was an amazing morning as I watched each childs’ elation grow with the interaction Tally afforded.

Collier County Summer Camps and Activities for Students with Special Needs

This list is for informational purposes and is not an endorsement of any program.

2013 Summer Camps for Students with Special Needs

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