Blue Belt

As Friday December 13th approached, Tae Kwon Do Testing loomed huge in my mind.9th bday & blue belt 12-13-13 452

How is it possible to support both of my very different children at any one time?

9th bday & blue belt 12-13-13 523Which parent would support Ronan and which parent would remain home supporting Riley?  Taking Riley to another competition is hard on all of us and a distraction to the testers.  Last test date I remained in the back where Riley could have a timely dinner and call out without being too loud while John was able to witness from a closer seat.  Then there is Sabonim.  She is so sweet and asks to have Riley there.

My mother intervened.  We have been reluctant to leave Riley for long in her care.  He takes so very much energy, constant attention and has become increasingly awkward to handle.  Even for the most well-trained we know that he suffers under caregiving other than his own parents.  But, this time we relented. Sept 21 2013 188

That evening simply watching Ronan test for his Blue Belt alongside my husband was an amazing gift.  How precious it is for a couple to watch their child achieve his  goal together!  Most parents do this as a matter of course.  For me, it was a dream come true.

Riley survived the evening.  My mother was still smiling when we arrived home.  Ronan had both parents support him at the same moment.  This Blue Belt was truly a great blessing.

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  1. rita says:

    It is 1AM and I am watching this video one week later again for what number I don’t know, but am thankful to have had it posted so we all can share in this victory, Ronan’s, John and Stacie’s and Kathy and Riley’s. Thank you all for bringing us here.

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