They say life is all about balance.  Today, I realized how much body and mind need that balance….   For many of us, the balance is something we never get right or at least feel that we never get right.  Today was an interesting day for my son when it came to balance.  He had a major seizure (nothing new/passed 100 a few months ago).  I can see the toll it takes on his body.  When younger, he would be out for days after a seizure.  However, I think due to time, all our efforts and God (yes, still do believe in God)… He now recovers much faster from it. Today he went from a deep sleep to happy to another seizure (asleep) to happy.  He is getting stronger. There is no real moral to my post tonight.  Just, when your mind gives out (for Riley a seizure), your body follows.  When your body gives out (probably an ear infection) it will impact the mind.

I guess my point is this:  I think about the situation of being a caregiver.  For many who read my post it is not about a choice (Life/Karma/God made you a Caregiver).

Photo above from John’s The Shark Tooth Guy: This is how I “drive” to “work” (well, my really cool weekend gig that I wish I could do more). In my back seat is the BC and another tank! These “environmentally friendly (non-carbon burning) vehicles” sure don’t hold much… but great views!  Enjoy the Journey!

The Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler

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