A Guide to Holiday Routine

A Guide to Holiday Routine (sucks but doesn’t suck)…
(subtitle ‘Tis the Season)

Routine will help you survive… Routine normally sucks. Every day the same. Know the schedule on the caregiving, medications, therapies, bedtime/awake time, naps (yeah, right!) … Routine kills me. As a former adrenalin junkie/Generation Whatever… But, routine can help for the holidays. Spend your time with the same people and in the same places: Rule #1 for the Special Needs Holiday Survival Guide… Our Routine..

My Mother-in-Law takes us to the same place every year. It is fancy, it is out of my price range, the food is amazing …
First few years sucked going there. Place/table wasn’t 100% Special needs wheelchair friendly. People stared (those we didn’t know (and even those we kind of knew… I am fine with staring, but Stacie not so much… love the times she looks at people looking at Riley and says “you can say ‘Hi!'”… yeah, I should have tried that while trying to attract women in my 20’s)). Staff was friendly but unsure (now I know what a white journalist feels like at a Black Panther Party… here to support you, don’t you know (how do I support you… please don’t die or kill me… just sayin’)….

But we kept up with the routine and every year (with my protest at times and fights along the way) continued. Four or five years ago I realized, that the MANY past few years the ROUTINE helps… same year going back time after time… The table is ready for us (pulled out and chairs removed for the wheelchair); the staring has moved to smiles and “hellos” (people are no longer worried what will happen or an ambulance showing up)… they come up and say ‘hi’ to Riley by name and would probably recognize him before me. As a family, I think we enjoy it. Something about the routine.

Routine for me normally sucks (I need something different). The Holidays are a different story. Maybe for you it is seeing the family (distant cousins) just once a year. The conversations will be shallow or repeat what they said last year , the looks will be…

Need routine on Thanksgiving. …. Maybe more so, need tradition. If you deal with Special Needs, you need the same old thing in not a bad way upon occasion. Maybe that is what Holidays are for…. Routine (therapies, doctors, diapers, meals, awake/asleep, etc) normally sucks. However, with a Special Needs person/child the Holidays give you an opportunity to do the same thing year after year and know what to expect. With Special Needs, knowing what to expect is a Holiday Miracle (not to go Jimmy Stewart on you or anything).

I look forward to the next routine.



The Shark Tooth Guy

4 Responses to A Guide to Holiday Routine

  1. amanda says:

    Never understand something and I’m not saying any thing against Riley he looks like an amazing person I’m just cranky at people when they stare and glare at people in wheelchair.

    From amanda sorry for speaking my mind sorry if I sounded rude.

  2. Lux Ganzon says:

    Our family does not have any family tradition believe it or not. Except for us who are working away coming home, everything seems going as normally during the holidays. I enjoy more food on the table though. 🙂

    Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family!

  3. rita says:

    Thank you for passing on the traditions, routine traditions that make the Holiday bright. Snoopy on the tree, (not the woodland creature
    Stacie had in mind), kiflies, reading of the Christmas story. Let’s hear it for routine the new and the old.

  4. Wonderfully worded … Since my own accident I feel that everyone could use a little routine from time to time. John you are right routine can suck … but its also a life saver on so many levels. Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and are merrily getting ready for Santa’s arrival … hugs and blessings to all across the miles! Celia

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